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About Me

Name: Nicolas Hamel
Age: 23 (born on July 29th, 1992)
Lives in: Quebec, Canada (city not stated)
Currently unemployed (sigh).
Proud Troper, webcomic reader, music enthusiast, trading cards collector, film aficionado, author, but more than anything else, proud gamer.

I'm the man behind Planned All Along, which was started on July 19th, 2013. I have updated every Friday, for more than two years and a half, talking about gamnes and films that I like, others that I dislike, and a bunch that I was just indifferent about. Normal reviewer stuff, really.

Tips and tricks in reading this blog:
-Be wary of the fact that the blog is written by an exaggerated version of myself. Exaggeration is an excellent aspect of comedy, just remember that the author of the blog is a character, while also being me. If that's complicated, just picture this as a mind screw.
-I make a LOT of references to just about anything I've seen, so it's guaranteed that there are references out there on this site that you haven't caught. Look out for shout-outs.
-I try to combine multiple review styles at once: The full look at the plot (in the style of Nostalgia Critic), a more analytical look at certain key portions (in the style of Brows Held High) and deep-imersion gaming (à la VGCats). The result is a mess, but an entertaining mess if you like to read long reviews.